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3 Major Drug Releases in 2018 That Will Change the World


3 Major Drug Releases in 2018 That Will Change the World

Drug development costs are immense, pushing $2.7 billion on average to get a drug through the development, trial, and approval processes, and finally to market. That isn’t stopping dozens of pharmaceutical companies from working on potential blockbuster treatments like the following three.

Biktarvy – HIV treatment Biktarvy was approved in February and is expected to generate sales of over $2 billion in 2019. The once-a-day treatment is a combination of three different drugs and was found to be generally safe in trials.

Sublocade РApproved towards the end of 2017, Sublocade is an important new treatment in the growing battle against opioid addiction. Despite a slow start, Sublocade is anticipated to top $1 billion in sales by 2022.

Epidiolex – Epileptic seizure treatment Epidiolex became the first FDA-approved drug to use a substance derived from marijuana when it was approved in June. Sales are projected to surpass $1 billion by 2022.

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