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3 Revolutionary Drugs That Lost Patent Protection in 2018


3 Revolutionary Drugs That Lost Patent Protection in 2018

The companies behind newly developed pharmaceutical drugs are typically granted 12-year patents by the FDA, after which any company can sell approved generic versions of those treatments. Generics often rapidly eat into the market share of the original drug, as they’re usually sold at steep discounts to the original. The following blockbuster drugs are scheduled to lose their valuable patent protection by the end of 2018.

Cialis – Popular erectile dysfunction treatment Cialis is scheduled to lose patent protection in September. Cialis sales were already taking a hit from rival Viagra’s own loss of patent protection last December.

Lyrica – The nerve and muscle pain treatment Lyrica earned Pfizer (PFE) over $3 billion last year, but could face generics competition in 2019 after its patent expires in December.

Zytiga – Prostate cancer treatment Zytiga lost its patent protection earlier in 2018, though no generics competition has appeared on the scene to threaten it as of yet.

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